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What is Home Appliances and their uses

What is Home Appliances?

As far as this website is concerned, our main goal is to help and provide valuable information about Home Appliances. That being the case, it is only proper that we discuss what is Home Appliances and their uses…

What is Small Appliances

What is Small Domestic Appliances?

Small Domestic Appliances or SDA as often called in the industry are made up of portable types of electrical appliances. Such as cooking appliances, food processing/preparations, personal care, floor care, and many other types of small appliances…

Major Domestic Appliance (MDA)

What is Major Domestic Appliances?

Major Domestic Appliances or MDA as it is often referred to in the industry is consists of larger or bigger household appliances. Often than not, these types of appliances are mostly for home use…


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