Alternative Healthy Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

Nowadays, people are becoming more health-conscious and are always finding ways how to manage a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Getting active, exercise, meditation, healthy food intake, dieting, and more diet programs that would include choosing healthy kitchen appliances to prepare or process diet recipes.

In this article, I will walk you through some healthy kitchen appliances under Small Domestic Appliance that you can use at home as an alternative to keep up with your chosen healthy living ambitions.

Why Choose Healthy Kitchen Appliance

Often than not, our healthy living aspirations start in the kitchen. Healthy cooking and food processing are when healthy eating habits are triggered and developed.

Healthy kitchen appliances - you are what you eat

Ever heard or do you remember this famous phrase?

“You are what You Eat”.

Yes, and I do believe we are what we eat. If we cook healthy foods or administer healthy diets, it will be no surprise that you’ll be physically fit and always full of energy.

Most people are afraid of hospital bills. But the majority of us are not afraid of what we put inside our bodies, and we are all guilty at some point.

Healthy kitchen appliances - deep frying

On the condition that you believe changing the way you cook or prepare your food will save your health and your wallet, won’t you do it?

If you are given an alternative way to cook your food that could offer better health benefits, won’t you take advantage?

Deep frying, soda drinks, sweets, and so on are just a few examples that can be changed for a better and healthier lifestyle.

This is when the alternative way of cooking or food processing utilizing small kitchen appliances that offers health benefits can be very useful.

Healthy Kitchen Appliances Ideas

Let’s take a look at some of the small kitchen appliances that offer a healthy way of cooking and preparing your food or drink.

These small kitchen appliances are the most popular and sought-after healthy kitchen appliances.

  • Air Fryer
  • Air (Fryer) Oven / Compact Mini Oven
  • Pressure Multi-Cooker
  • Slow Cooker
  • Food Steamer
  • Low Sugar Rice Cooker
  • Slow Juicer
  • Vacuum Blender
  • Food Dehydrator

Say Goodbye to Deep Frying

There are so many commentaries you can find about cooking (vegetable) oils. However, you will discover differing opinions. Some will say it’s good for the health, but someone would also tell you that it’s bad for your health and must be avoided at all costs.

There’s so much contradicting information that creates further confusion.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain. Using oil contributes to cholesterol levels that affect our health or our heart in particular, especially the bad cholesterol. Because of the saturated and trans fat that is produced during the cooking process, especially deep frying.

Here are some small kitchen appliance ideas that are a good alternative for cooking minus the oil.

1. Air Fryer

The Air Fryer is one good healthy kitchen appliance. Why? Because it can cook your food without the use of oil. As explained in my previous article what is small domestic appliances, the air fryer uses a rapid hot air circulation system.

There are preset programs such as for cooking your favorite french fries, meat, seafood, whole chicken, vegetables, fish, as well as baking.

Aside from the fact that it can cook fast, you have eliminated the excessive oil that you are getting when deep-frying.

As you can see from the sample photos, I was able to cook those chicken wings in just 8 minutes, the same case with the beefsteak.

2. Air (Fryer) Oven / Compact Mini Oven

Another type of healthy kitchen appliance that can curb calories and specifically avoid the use of oil is Air (fryer) Oven. This is the latest design in the mini oven range.

If you need a bigger capacity, bigger than what an air fryer could offer, an air (fryer) oven is a good choice. Employing a 3D airflow system, it can cook a variety of dishes such as frying, roasting, baking, grilling. Add to that the different preset programs for one-touch cooking operation and it can make your cooking a lot easier.

On the other hand, an electric mini oven is also a good alternative if you want to avoid oil, especially deep frying. Similarly, it can also cook different kinds of dishes such as grilling, roasting, baking, and broiling. Although cooking time will be a little longer compared to the air (fryer) oven.

I am still utilizing my pressure mini oven (apart from the air fryer) every time my daughter requests her favorite chicken wings, rather than buying those unhealthy deep fried in a fast-food chain.

3. Pressure Multi-Cooker

Another option for cooking healthy is using a Pressure Cooker. Multi-function pressure cooker offers a variety of cooking options such as roasting, broiling, grilling, and so on. Again, minus the oil, thus, your food will come out with fewer calories as the oil extracted are drained and separated.

The pressure cooker ensures all your delicious and favorite dishes can achieve consistent great taste and nutrition. Smart pressure cookers also have different preset programs for specific cooking operations.

Pressure cookers are not only good for meats but a whole lot more of cooking applications such as roasted whole chicken, grilled fish, steamed vegetables, and many more depending on your desired recipes.

Stay away from Cooking Oil by utilizing other alternative Healthy Kitchen Appliances

Here are other additional cooking appliance ideas that you can use to cook your dishes without using oil. These are better and healthier options than deep frying and stir-frying.

4. Slow Cooker

Healthy kitchen appliances - slow cooker

The slow cooker as the name suggests needs ample time to cook food. It utilizes a low-power cooking method that results in a much slower cooking process.

It has several benefits, but one has to take note of the following when using a slow cooker.

  • A Slow cooker is safe and simple to use.
  • It brings out the flavor and nutrients in most foods (meats becomes tender and juicy).
  • Promotes healthy way of cooking- retain most food nutrients.
  • Don’t overfill with water, just put enough that is needed for stewing or as directed if your recipe requires to add water such as for making a soup.
  • Put easy to cook vegetables and herbs at the end of the cooking cycle to prevent them from being overcooked.
Note: Slow cooker is designed for long hours of continuous cooking. However, proper use must be observed at all times. Always adhere to the safety instructions stated in the instruction manual.

5. Food Steamer

Healthy kitchen appliances - food steamer

A food steamer is the exact opposite of frying. Steaming retains the nutritional value of the food and has been popular in many households that avoid oil.

Steamed food advantage and health benefits.

  • Steamed foods are easier to digest.
  • Retains all food natural health benefits- vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • Steaming helps conserve the food fiber, color, texture, flavor of vegetables.
  • Using a food steamer you can add your favorite herbs and healthy ingredients to enhance flavor.
  • Applicable to a variety of cooking needs such as steaming meat, poultry, fish, all kinds of vegetables, and so on.
  • Steaming also cooks food faster and most importantly no oil.
  • There are a lot of steamed food recipes available, of course apart from your own delicious recipes.
Note: Be very careful about the hot steam as it can cause burn to your skin.

Serve a low Carb Rice by utilizing de-Sugar Rice Cooker

Healthy kitchen appliances - low sugar rice cooker

The Low Sugar Rice Cooker employs rice-water separation technology that enables to lower the sugar content of the cooked rice.

According to existing data, 1 cup of white rice (158g) has 0.1g sugar content when cooked. Carbs in white rice are turned into blood sugar more rapidly and this could be the reason why white rice is associated with type 2 diabetes. Of course, if taken in moderation it shouldn’t be an issue but if taken in excess then it’s another story.

On the other hand, why brown rice is popularly known to be a much healthier type of rice? According to some study, brown rice has many nutrients that are good for the heart. It is a rich source of dietary fiber, that reduces the risk of heart disease. Brown rice contains high levels of magnesium, which can help you become less vulnerable to heart disease and stroke.

Brown rice however has a much higher carbs content, 1 cup brown rice (195g) has 0.7g sugar. But while it is high in carbs it has other useful sources of vitamins and minerals. Its fiber, as well as antioxidants, may improve blood sugar control, in doing so helping manage diabetes. However, it is still advised to be taken in moderation.

If you’re a diabetic person, the use of Low Sugar Rice Cooker could help control and improve your carb intake.

Natural fruit Juice and fruit Shake instead of Soda drinks

Another aspect of a healthy lifestyle is what drink you take. Aside from water that our body needs daily to be replenished, we have been enslaved by all the commercialism about soda and other processed drinks. Often than not, we don’t have to think twice before taking them even though we knew it does not offer any health benefits.

Carbonated drinks such as coca-cola, pepsi cola, and the rest of soda drinks have been widely accepted as if you’re life won’t be complete without tasting or drinking it. On every occasion and or gathering you would always see these drinks being served.

But for healthy conscious-minded people, you won’t be able to force this kind of drink. They’d rather drink water than compromise their healthy lifestyle even for a single sip of flavored drinks.

Here are some of the most useful healthy kitchen appliances you could consider.

1. Slow Juicer

Healthy kitchen appliances - slow juicer

All types of juicers are a good option for juicing to substitute unhealthy soda drinks. However, I would highly recommend Slow Juicer as it can produce more juice extract.

As I have explained in my previous article, a slow juicer’s rotational speed is slower and it reduces oxidation thus keeping the juice fresh and its nutrients.

And because of its unique construction with screw-type presser (auger), it produces a high juice ratio compared to conventional juicers.

Furthermore, slow juicers are easier to maintain and clean because of their compact and intuitive design.

2. Vacuum Blender

The same way as juicers, all types of blenders are all good choices for blending your favorite healthy shake and smoothies to replace unhealthy soda drinks.

But I would also highly recommend Vacuum Blender because it prevents oxidation and your blended smoothies remain fresh and can also preserve their nutrients. You will observe in the above sample photos, apple is one fruit that changes color very fast but with a vacuum blender, it was able to keep apple smoothie fresh for a period of time.

Healthy kitchen appliances - vacuum blender explained

As further explained in the above illustration, you can see the difference between a vacuum blender (right side) and a normal blender (left side) when the finished product is compared.

Making Healthy Snacks using Food Dehydrator

Healthy kitchen appliances - food dehydrator

100% natural fruit chips will be a much better and healthier choice than any junk food. Thanks to Food Dehydrator, a healthy kitchen appliance that can be utilized to make your healthy snacks.

Some study shows that nutrients in food that had been dehydrated are easily absorbed by our bodies, which makes you feel more lively because of the energy that it provides.

A Food Dehydrator can preserve any kind of food as you desire such as meat, vegetables, and fruits.


As you can see, a healthy kitchen appliances covers most of our daily needs for a healthy lifestyle.

We have identified an alternative way of cooking healthy food by avoiding the use of oil especially deep frying.

Likewise, we also have pin down alternative kitchen appliances for processing healthy drinks as well as for preparing healthy snacks.

But all of these will depend on us. If we choose to live a healthy lifestyle we have to take the necessary steps to make it happen. And it could start with the food we take. If we can discipline ourselves by orchestrating a well-balanced healthy diet then other healthy practices will just follow in order.

You know what bad cholesterol can do to your health. If we’re not careful with the food we take we could be a frequent visitor to our doctor. Personally, I won’t be aiming for that.

In parting, let me quickly ask, do you own any one of these small kitchen appliances? If currently, you don’t have, are you going to invest in any of these healthy kitchen appliances?

So there you have it folks, thank you for reading. If you find this article helpful, or you have some questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below. I will answer them as soon as I can to the best of my knowledge.

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