What is the Life span of a Gas Hob? (Explained)

Today I’d like to discuss what is the life span of a gas hob and the contributing factors that could impact how long a gas cooker would last.

Appliances are expensive investments that every household hopes to use for a longer period.

While from a manufacturing standpoint, it will design and build appliances targeting a minimum life cycle of at least ten years.

This is especially reflected in most major appliances.

As a consumer, we always hope that these upscale machines could be used for decades or even more.

So, join me as we examine the reasons that can affect the life of a gas hob.

What is the Life span of a Gas Hob?

Like any other appliance, the life span of a Gas Hob will be influenced by its Design, Quality, Installation, Usage, and Maintenance. Major appliances are expected to last at least 10 years and beyond. With a higher price tag that comes along with it, every household is counting that a gas hob of any form should last long. However, proper usage is one factor that must be considered as well as proper maintenance that could alter the life cycle of a gas hob.

1) Gas hob design could impact its life span

As different markets have different ways of cooking, therefore, gas hob design will be crucial in achieving its durability.

While a gas hob could have a single burner, double burner, or up to five burner designs!

The manufacturer will then have to decide which type of gas burner has to be used.

In my experience developing gas hobs for clients in the Asian market…

Some users prefer high thermal power burners while others want a lower one.

In this scenario, it is best to develop a gas hob design that can serve both. Thus, a gas cooker with a triple ring burner as well as rapid and semi-rapid burners will best fit the need.

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Other design considerations are the following;

  • Distance between burners
  • Type of injectors or nozzles
  • Sealing of burners

As mentioned, different markets have their unique ways of cooking.

For example in India…

Spillage and or overflowing during cooking is a common thing.

So, a fully-sealed gas burner and a special type of injector or nozzle will be the best type of gas hob to promote to minimize market claims.

With a suitable design, it can increase the chance for a gas hob to last longer.

2) Overall Quality of Gas hob will determine how long it can last

Every gas hob that is produced goes under strict manufacturing process and testing.

The reliability and endurance of all the components that are used are tested and verified.

However, there’s the possibility that defects might still pass through is not uncommon.

It may not show up right away…

But in most cases, a problem will appear after some time of usage.

One good example is my gas hob (see the above-featured image).

This gas hob is seven years old now, it was installed in our kitchen in 2015.

The problem is the filler spring in one of the knobs loosened and can’t be fixed back and worst lost it.

What is the life span of a gas hob - switch knob

Aside from this issue that it can now be removed easily, the switch knob can still function normally when used to ignite the burner. It can still control the flame when turning from high to low and vice-versa.

So, the above case is one issue about the quality that can either disrupt the functionality of the gas hob.

But for the time being, it can still be used and hopefully for another three years or more.

3) Gas hob installation can influence the life expectancy

This is especially true for built-in gas hobs.

Proper installation is critical to the performance and longevity of the gas cooker.

There must be enough ventilation at the bottom and avoid stuffing the under-cabinet with unwanted items most especially combustible materials.

What is the life span of a gas hob - installation

Likewise, it is very important to ensure that the gas connector elbow is fully tightened with the silicon seal on!

This is a critical process to avoid gas leakage and prevent fire…

That can cause you not only your gas hob but your entire house if not done properly!

4) Normal Usage could dictate the Gas hob’s life cycle

How the gas hob is being used will have a big impact on its overall performance.

As mentioned earlier, some markets allow spillage during cooking which could affect the gas hob in general.

If a liquid is allowed intentionally to overflow (abnormal use), then expect the following effect;

  • Flame turns yellow which means (black) soot will be formed at the bottom of the cookware
  • If the burner is not sealed the liquid can go down inside that can cause blockage to the nozzles
  • When injectors are blocked yellow flame will be produced, which means the gas hob is not on its ideal state
  • Uncleanable spillage residue can degrade and in the long run can damage the gas hob (think of the bugs invading the inner part of your gas hob because of the food residue)
What is the life span of a gas hob - spillage

Although, occasional spillage will not be avoided…

But as long as you are aware and you do the necessary action to prevent any further spillage and of course clean your gas hob immediately.

Therefore, it is really important to consider how you use the gas hob as it will be a determining factor in the overall life of the gas cooker.

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5) Regular Care and Maintenance

One appliance that needs utmost care is Gas hobs!

Especially if used frequently, it must be a habit to always clean them after cooking. Don’t wait until the oil stain or spillage has accumulated before cleaning it.

Also, make sure during cleaning that you don’t drop the burner cap or flame spreader as it can affect the flame performance.

Likewise, be aware of when to call support to service your gas hob.

While in most high-rise buildings where the gas is regulated, each unit is checked regularly (at least once a year) to see if the gas supply and the gas hob itself are working properly and to prevent any untoward accidents.

Final Thoughts

I have explained and enumerated reasons that can impact the life span of a gas hob.

To summarize, again they are the following:

  • Gas hob design – suitable design to a targeted market can warrant gas hob to last longer
  • Overall Quality – all gas hobs manufactured undergo rigid testing and verification
  • Proper Installation – it is very important to follow the installation requirement
  • Normal Usage – it is a known fact that if you use any appliance (normally) you can expect a longer life
  • Regular Maintenance – keeping your gas hob tidy after cooking will serve its purpose, that is a longer life span

As I have mentioned, a gas hob is one appliance that needs our utmost care!

When manufacturing a gas hob – it has to go through stringent quality verification for the mere fact that it uses gas.

To prevent any fire accident caused by gas leaks…

Several checkpoints in the production line are administered to ensure the safety and the overall reliability of gas hobs.

Which then could result in the gas hob’s ultimate life cycle… whether it is 10 years of usage, 15 years, or even longer.

So, there you have it, folks.

Once again thank you for reading. If you find this article helpful or you have some questions please leave a comment below.

And I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. My guarantee has run out in October I know have a fault on my gas hob. On one of the jets the pilot light works but the jet will not stay on. can I still claim a repair from the manufacturer (Zanussi). The hob is only just over 2 years old,

    • Thanks for visiting my website Mr. Trevor!

      Concerning your question, since your warranty had already lapse so you won’t be able to claim. But, I’m sure they can help you to service your gas hob to rectify the problem of the flame not holding. Unfotunately, any repair after the warranty period will be charged.

      Common cause of flame not stay on or we call flame not holding is if there’s blockage on the control knob caused by spillage as well as oil that had accumulated over time. It could also be because of clogged jets due to spillage – which means those parts need to be checked and cleaned for your gas hob to work properly again.

      Hope your problem get sorted out!

      Once more, thanks for visiting my website!



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