Is Induction Cooker Safe for Health? (Things You Need To Know)

There have been questions rounding the internet as to whether or not is induction cooker safe for health!

And depending on whom you asked, you might get differing answers…

In this article, I will walk you through the things that you need to know to “rationalize” if induction cookers are safe or not.

So, let’s get started.

Is Induction Cooker Safe for Health?

According to studies performed on induction hobs, the magnetic field exposure is in the range of the magnetic field threshold value that is intended to prevent risks to the general public. Research on the penetration of induction heating cookers and birth outcomes was conducted in Japan in 2020 and concluded that no statistically significant association between the outcome of births in Japan was exhibited about induction cookers.

EMF dangers on Induction Stove

The induction cooker works by inducing electricity to the induction coil that produces a non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) that is converted to energy that heats the cooking pan or pot, which in turn cooks the food.

There have been many studies and research made on (non-ionizing) electromagnetic fields from concerns about what they can do to the general public’s health.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), there’s no substantial scientific evidence that links electromagnetic fields or EMFs to general health. However, it notes that more studies are underway and more should be done on the long-term effect.

There are many assumptions that induction cookers are not safe because of the high level of EMF that radiates from the induction coil.

While it’s true that induction cookers do emit magnetic fields (with the induction coil being its main component), one has to note that all electrical appliances also produce electric and or magnetic fields.

However, all these appliances must first comply with the International Safety Standards (e.g. FDA, IEC) as well as with national or local regulatory standards – before they can be marketed.

So that when they are used, they should not cause harm to the consumer operating them normally or even so during abnormal usage.

Induction Stove EMF Radiation

Many have been said against induction cookers because of the EMF radiation it creates.

Some have even judged that induction cookers are an unsafe type of cooktop.

On the contrary, we have to understand that the induction coil is fixed!

What I mean by that is… the magnetic fields are concentrated only around the coil (marked cooking zone) and the bottom of the cookware.

And as with any source of magnetic fields…

the more distance you gain away from the source, the lesser it becomes harmful.

On the flip side, anyone could argue that when cooking, the person is always standing right in front of the induction hob.

And due to these concerns, some experiments have been carried out.

According to a test report conducted in 2016 (this report has been docketed in 2020 for research made on induction cooking, see the link below it’s a pdf file)…

It states:

  • All models that were tested at a 30cm distance from the edge of the cooking zone – complied with the reference value.
  • At 5cm-10cm, all models complied using proper cookware and placing it in the center (inside the marked cooking zone)
  • At 1cm (in front of the edge of cooking zone) – all exceeded the reference value


Let’s examine if 30cm is an unsuitable distance for cooking.

Photo of a kitchen top with single induction hob showing 30cm distance

Based on the above photo, a 30cm distance is not that far from the countertop as well as the induction cooker and I could tell that this is approximately the distance I always use when cooking.

Even so, the report also indicated that at 5cm to 10cm, the EMF radiation is also at the allowable limit – provided that you use the induction cooker correctly!

While the 1cm distance is unlikely to happen because the space between the edge of the cooking zone and the edge of the frame is over 1cm.

Induction Cooking and EMF on Pregnancy and Births

Many speculations have come out that induction cooking could probably harm pregnant women.

With the increasing demand for induction cookers and what effect it might cause…

Researchers from Japan have investigated the effect of induction cooking in 2020, intending to analyze whether there is a relationship between the penetration of induction heating cookers and birth outcomes.

In their research published on the NIH website, they concluded that “no statistically significant association” were exhibited between the outcome of births and induction cookers.


These current findings concur with that of WHO, as it also stated in its summary that there was not enough scientific evidence linking EMF exposure can increase the risk of causing adverse effects on pregnancy.

Pacemakers and Induction Stoves

Some studies on induction cooking suggest that it can interfere with pacemakers, especially unipolar pacemakers.

People with unipolar implants are advised not to stand as close to the cooktop or touch the cookware for a long period.

Although, induction stoves are tested and verified for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and must comply with this safety requirement.

It’s very important to take extra precautions!

Always read the SAFETY instructions of your implanted medical device on what to avoid!

Likewise, if you have an induction cooktop in your home and you are using it, make sure to also read the SAFETY guidelines to ensure your health!

Final Thoughts

So, taking into account all the answers we’ve gathered thus far. I’m confident it can now help you decide whether or not an induction cooker is for you.

As I have mentioned, before an induction cooker can be mass-produced – it must go through a strict compliance certification process first and foremost.

Samples are tested and verified according to the existing statutory and regulatory standards.

Any products cannot be marketed without passing safety tests!

Thus, making them safer for common users.

However, precaution has to be made by those individuals with implanted medical devices.

Due diligence will surely save your health.

So, make sure to check all the safety warnings when using induction cookers!

There you have it, folks!

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you feel some information is lacking, please leave them in the comments below, and I will answer them as soon as I can and to the best of my knowledge. Thanks!

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